IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT RE: FUSION TEXTILES. I am no longer associated with this company or any of its courses. I am in the process of requesting my details be removed from the website.

As a textile practitioner, I work predominantly with fabrics, preferring those that have a history. Textiles have always been a part of human societies and cultures, and I choose to experiment with the meaning of these textiles as a communication medium by lending new life to old and discarded scraps and clothing.

As an embroiderer I have a fascination with the continuation of skills and craftsmanship. My work can take hours to complete, and is a reflection of my own patience and dedication to my art. Working mostly with hand embroidery literally allows me time to meditate upon those stories which are woven into the materials I choose.

The line between fine art and craft is blended in my practice through the use of traditional craft skills to communicate ideas to my viewers through well realised and skilfully executed artworks. Through my creative practice I have discovered my fascination with the process of creation, and that this is often more important to me than the end product.

My current work is a further exploration of those juxtapositions that fascinate me, with particular focus on the idea of ‘disturbing domesticity’. Through use of found materials such as doilies and place mats, I am appropriating old embroideries and combining them with my own, using disquieting and troubling imagery such as beetles, bugs and spiders.